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Hi! Thank you! and I’m glad (and also flattered) you enjoy them, that’s partially why I would write them actually. (:

As for 1), Honestly? I don’t think so. Being a journalist entails a very different style of writing, one which I don’t think I have either the aptitude or attitude for. Journalistic writing dislikes people to paint vivid pictures or flesh out emotions, it needs one to be sharp concise and to the point. No ‘flowery’ language. So no surprise why I loathe journalistic writing, and why I also suck at it, alot. I’ve written for my university’s newspaper before but I wrote food reviews (which obviously need a fair bit of descriptive writing), and probably why I had enjoyed writing them more. (It could also be the food… but I digress.) So anyway! Unless you’re talking about feature-writing for magazines or writing reviews, I’m not quite keen on being a journalist! I would love to write (a novel or a collection of short stories) for a living…but somehow I don’t think that’s going to be really feasible in Singapore.

And 2) Each post is different. Some ideas formulate very quickly and the entry could be written in a matter of 15 minutes-30 minutes tops. Whereas there were also entries which took DAYS, or even stretching to weeks. The idea could come, but it would be so vague and shapeless that it is impossible to pin down the whole entry right there and then. In such cases, I would write a little, and save it as a draft, come back to it at different times of the day, add or edit a little, save it again, and repeat the process for days until the entire finished piece is finally eked out. It is agonizing, torturous and crippling. Its kinda like a perverse self-torture. You have a wisp of something in your head but you just can’t seem to grasp it proper and shove it on the screen the way you want it to be. Its something like trying to sing a tune that plays perfectly on your mind but comes out sounding nothing like it. Conversely, there are days when the words tumble in furiously and my fingers can’t seem to type fast enough. So it all really depends. In fact, I think i still have a couple drafts that I am working on saved on my dashboard, waiting to be hammered out into something decent. But so far I’ve been lacking the will, and the inspiration, to tackle them. :(

Anyway, this has been a reeeally lengthy answer but I hope it answers your questions satisfyingly!



Hi, I’m not sure what your taste runs towards so here are a generic few that have never failed me. :) (Plus, since this is a pre-clubbing thing, I’m guessing clean-tasting food should be advised just in case it all comes back up….Just sayin’. wink)

Also, I’m not sure if you are inclining towards really good food or really good ambience because I’ve to say there’re only a rare few that has both, and even if they do, their prices run on the high side. (In any case I’m just gonna give you the ones that serve decent nosh)

For Japanese you can try: Chikuwa Tei @ Mohd Sultan (chirashi set and codfish hotpot TDF), Izakaya Nijumahru @ Cuppage Plaza , or Dezato Desserts & Dining. (Both places have pretty good bento sets for decent prices) or if you’re feeling affluent, there is always awesome Japanese buffet at Himawari@Alexander Rd.

Italian: Cugini @ Ann Siang, Otto @ Red Dot Museum, Pasta Fresca, Pete’s Place@Hyatt, Garibaldi.

Western: Greenwood Fish Market Bistro, Pizzeria Mozza @MBS, DB Moderne @ MBS, The Black Sheep Cafe (No GST and their food are wonderful, esp the duck confit!), Oriole Cafe & Bar (v good coffee and beef cheek pasta, reasonable prices too and accessible), Spruce.

Anyhow, I hope these are enough to get you started. Google them out and here’s wishing you a Happy Happy Birthday in advanced! (Hopefully the food rocks as well)



Actually, I don’t find that I can transpose my emotions onto paper all that well! But I try my damnedest. More often then not, I find words coming easier when I’m alone on the train with my thoughts, or on of my nightly jogs. Maybe some me-time helps?

And I do get moments when I am overwhelmed with emotions- be it extreme ends of rage or joy, and I couldn’t seem to write a single appropriate word because whatever I type just seemed cheap and flimsy. So don’t worry, you’re not alone. ;)